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Agreements on TYTAN system signed

On 26th of June 2014 agreements on realisation of the development activities and future supplies of TYTAN future soldier system for the Polish Armed Forces were signed. Ceremony was attended by secretary of the state in Ministry of Defence -Czesław Mroczek, Deputy Chief of the Inspectorate of Arms - col. Adam Duda and Inspector for Land Forces - Maj Gen Janusz Bronowicz.


SSP-1 OBRA-3 Laser warning system Warning systems

SSP-1 OBRA-3 Laser warning system is destined for detection of vehicles and military objects' radiation from impulse rangefinders or laser illuminators. The system can fire smoke-screen towards the direction of detected laser radiation.  System can update the direction of detected radiation, taking into consideration the movement of the vehicle or its turret,  can eliminate indications from the reflected radiation and gives possibility to communicate with fire control system or other vehicle systems.


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